About us

IdF rams
Ile de France hogget rams
Ile de France Australia was established by Ian McDougall and Trevor Troeth in 2007 at Belmore, Heywood, Victoria.

Ian first met up with the Ile de France on a trip to the Paris Agricultural Show in 1988 and was involved in establishing the first Ile de France flocks in Canada and Mexico in the mid 1990's.  By 2006 Ian felt that with its ability to cycle all months of the year, its great carcass, white wool and its do-ability the time was right to introduce Ile de France to Australia.
F1 ewe hoggets with lambs
Ile de France F1 ewe hoggets with lambs at foot.

Trevor has bred Poll Dorset's at Belmore for many years, prior to that his father had a well known Corriedale stud.  Trev felt that the Poll Dorset and White Suffolk had lost conformation (in particular hind quarter muscling) in the pursuit of growth rate and leanness, in the Ile de France Trev saw a breed that could put the lump back into the rump.

Fortunately Trevor and Ian met up at Sheepvention 2006, and the rest they say, is history - and a lot of hard work!!!!