Breeding policy


drop ram lambs

Our aim is to produce rams that sire easy lambing, early maturing lambs with great shape, that grow fast and finish quickly off mum and dress out well.

We birth weigh all of our lambs and cull any ewes and rams that are implicated in breeding over sized or incorrectly shaped lambs.

Our stud rams are selected from those that have grown fast to weaning, with positive fat, good eye muscle and hind quarter.

Our rams have the capability to mate a large number of ewes over their lifetime, so sound feet and legs are a priority along with large testicle size.   We like rams that have a bare face, wide bare breech and are clean on their points.  Any Ile de France that suffers fly strike is culled along with those that are excessively daggy. 

We do not show our sheep or supplementary feed them grain to speed up their growth rate or to make them look pretty.   All our stock is presented and sold off grass.