Recording for performance

Ile de France ewe lambs
Idf ram lamb
We combine Lambplan recording with strict visual appraisal.  We produce stock with good growth rates and excellent carcass muscling whilst maintaining easy lambing. 

The Ile de France has fantastic hind quarter muscling and this is selected for using visual appraisal. The large eye muscle of the Ile de France is identified via the ultra sound services of Stefan Spiker. 

Individual sires have been progeny tested and recorded for resistance to worms and maternal traits in New Zealand.   Beginning 2011 all ewes will be ranked on their maternal performance (kgs lambs weaned / body weight at mating). 

Any sheep with undesirable characteristics (excessive dags, fly strike, poor feet, body structure faults, lambing problems) are culled.

Embryo transfer is used to multiply the best stock and Ile de France Australia utilize the embryo transfer services of Farmgene (Australia) Pty Ltd.