Dam Line Sire

Sire breed ID Dual Purpose index
Ile de France 060004/06 1028
Texel 122/05 644
Composite 248/05 577
Composite 2154/05 571
Ile de France 060003/06 552
(The Dual Purpose Index includes all the maternal traits including Lamb Survival, Worm FEC, Meat yield, Growth and Wool)

6004Murray sees the Ile de France as a dam line sire, the Ile de France F1 will cycle naturally 10 weeks earlier than the Romney.  According to Murray, the Ile de France performed extremely well; Murray Rolhoff, South Island New Zealand who used Ile de France over Romney ewes, said; “The  two rams 6004 and 6003 are siring progeny that are at a level of worm resistance which in most NZ flocks could get away with one or two drenches per lifetime, such is their ability not to contaminate and clean-up pasture post weaning.  So far the Ile de France has exceeded my expectations.  The Ile de France x were very good lambs for ease of birth and have grown extremely well.  The Ile de France x have better feet than the Texel Xs and look like a good sheep to put into Romney’s in the drought prone regions of NZ for autumn lambing.  Ile de France could be selected for extremely good lamb survival, resistance to worms and meat yield. Their compact shape suggests that they will be relatively hardy...so far they appear that way”.

060004/06  An amazing Dam Line Sire

The Ile de France ram 060004 stands out head and shoulders above most other sires for very high lamb survival and extremely high worm resistance. Quoting Murray, “6004 has one HUGE advantage in lamb survival”.  060004’s daughters shed very low numbers of worm eggs (such that they will only require one drench in their life) and had extremely high lamb survival. Add to this 060004’s very bare breech, clean points, excellent EMD and hind quarter muscling and you have the ultimate all round Dam Line Sire. (SIL ACE data 2009).  We have a number of 060004 sons for sale and semen is still available.