Ile de France in New Zealand

Ram 6012

6012 three quarter hind
060012 rates as an extremely good Terminal Sire in New Zealand.
In 2007 New Zealand sheep farmer and industry advisor Murray Rolhoff imported semen from three Ile de France rams into New Zealand and inseminated ewes in his Romney and terminal flocks. Murray also inseminated ewes in these two flocks with semen from leading New Zealand sires, effectively progeny testing the Ile de France against some of New Zealand’s best. The progeny were recorded for both terminal and maternal traits. The results proved the value of the Ile de France for both terminal and maternal traits.

Murray was so impressed with the performance of the Ile de France that in January 2011 he imported five Ile de France rams. The aim being to produce an Ile de France x merino ewe for prime lamb production 12 months of the year. The Ile de France was selected because of its all ability to lamb any month of the year and for its phenomenal carcass – meat in the loin and hind quarter - where it pays most.

Another plus point of the Ile de France is the wool quality. The 5 Ile de France rams exported to New Zealand had wool of less than 28 microns. When crossed over the 18 micron NZ merino, the resulting F1 ewe should produce wool of 24 micron attracting a significant price premium over wool stronger than 25 micron.

Wool Quality