Terminal Sire

Great hind quarter muscling and bare breeches.
idf chops
Great eye muscle in these chops.  
Note the intra muscular fat.

Ile de France as a Terminal Sire

In 2007 Murray Rolhoff inseminated ewes in his Romney and terminal flocks with semen from 3 Ile de France rams.  The progeny were recorded for terminal traits.  Results revealed that one ram, 060012 ranked just below a Texel ram that was ranked as one of the top terminal sires in New Zealand when progeny tested in both the Romney and Terminal flocks.

Terminal Composite Flock

Sire breed ID TSO index TSO rank Myomax
Texel 122/05 280 1 double
Ile de France 060012/06 240 2
Composite 2179/05 162 3 double
Ile de France 060004/06 103 4
Poll Dorset X Texel T138/01 97 5 single
Composite 75/06 51 6 single
3/4 Suffolk 1/4 Texel 245/05 19 7 single
Composite 2154/05 17 8 double

To date, the Ile de France x Romney lambs have achieved a $5.40 / lamb bonus payment paid by the Alliance Group under the Yield Quality Contract which requires lambs to yield above the bar for the three high value cuts – the leg, middle and shoulder as determined by viascan.  Murray went on to say that “given the positivity of the data at hand;  if the IdF breed can deliver a strong aseasonal breeding capability, then nothing is lost in carcass value as there are individuals capable of competing with the best in any breed.  6012 progeny have done remarkably well considering they are only marginally behind those from one of NZ’s best terminal sires across all breeds.”