As a dam line sire

F1 ewe hoggets with lambs x 4
Ile de France F1 ewe hoggets with lambs at foot.
Mated in January and tailed at >140%
IdF ewes
Ile de France ewes in Sth Africa.
This flock lambs every 8 months of the year.

The maternal advantage

Ile de France ewes can join any month of the year = more flexible lambing and more lambs when ewes are lambed early.

Easy lambing = low mortality at lambing.

The Ile de France is a hardy breed well adapted to Australian conditions so is easy to farm profitably. Many Ile de France have a bare breech, semen is available from bare breech rams.

Ile de France have 25 - 32 micron white wool making the Ile de France cross ewe fleece top quality for a first cross ewe.