As a terminal sire

Merino ewe with twin Ile de France cross lambs
2 tooth Ile de France rams (left)


Ile de France x Dohne lambs Mal Jarred, Nhill.  (Above)

Easy Lambing so lambs are born with vigour to get up and suckle.  95% of lambs that suckle within 15 minutes of being born are alive 90 days later.

Good early growth rates off grass.  Often the most profitable lamb is the one sold off mum.

Early maturing lambs suited to the trade lamb market (40 - 50 kg live weight).

Excellent carcass muscling in lambs born which increases KO%

Good killing out % - usually 3-5% points better than Poll Dorset or White Suffolk cross slaughtered at same live weight from same ewe type in same slaughter house.

High value lamb pelts - White wool no pigmented fibre.

Hardy non selective grazers, well adapted to Australian conditions.