Very Easy Lambing

"I have joined my merino ewe lambs to Ile de France rams for the past 2 years with excellent results tailing 100% in 2013 and 120% in 2014" Andrew Mills Port Lincoln.  My neighbours are tagging 20% more lambs to mobs joined to the Ile de France compared to those mobs joined to their White Suffolks.

“We didn’t have to pull any lambs, the ewes did it easy, the lambs were as we expected, small and grow grow grow”.  Ben Fawcett of Powlett Hill Pty Ltd, Campbelltown, Vic.

“I didn’t have to pull any lambs from 600 Ile de France x lambs born”. Greg Linke, Penshurst, Vic, who put Ile de France rams over Coopworth ewes.

“Last year we joined the Ile de France rams to composite ewe lambs and had no lambing problems, the lambs were small at birth but grew very quickly”.  Walter and Elise Dell of Hawksdale, who have used Ile de France rams for the past 3 years.

Ile de France are easy lambing”  P & K Lovering, Kingscote KI South Australia

Very Viable lambs at birth

Ewan Price, Heywood; who put Ile de France rams over Dorset and Romney 1st cross ewes remarked, “Bloody lively if you have to tag them the next morning”.

Fast finishing - Early maturing

Matt Quinn, Hallet South Australia has joined his merinos to Ile de France, Poll Dorset and Suffolk rams for 2 years.  “The first draft of lambs is dominated by the Ile de France cross lambs and by the second draft pretty well all the Ile de France lambs are gone”, reports Matt.   “The Ile de France cross make an excellent trade lamb”. Matt plans to replace all his other rams with Ile de France.

Ile de France add meat to merinos

David England, Victor Harbor, S.A. used Ile de France over merinos; “We were very impressed, lambs weighed 40-45kg at 12 weeks and 80% of wethers sold over hooks to T&R by 17 weeks of age.  We have retained the ewe lambs as first cross ewes”.

David Jackson, Moyston, who used Ile de France over merinos Pretty solid lambs - Good move putting them over merinos”

Fantastic Over Dohnes

Mal Jarred, Nhillhas used Ile de France rams over his Dohnes for the past 2 years.  Mal finds the rams great workers – this year he had just 26 empty out of 850 ewes joined to 5  Ile de France rams.  The Ile de France x Dohne lamb has the length of the Dohne and the muscle of the Ile de France, “they weigh a lot heavier than they look,” says Mal.


High dressing out %

All Ile de France x lambs produced at Belmore have been sold over hooks to a variety of outlets including T&R Murray Bridge; Tatiara, Keith and Castricums, Melbourne.  On every occasion Ile de France x lambs have dressed out at greater than 50%.

Tough, hardy and hold condition well

Murray Rolhoff, South Island New Zealand who used Ile de France over Romney ewes, said; “So far the Ile de France has exceeded my expectations”.   “The Ile de France x were very good lambs for ease of birth and have grown extremely well.  The Ile de France x have better feet than the Texel Xs and look like a good sheep to put into Romney’s in the drought prone regions of NZ for autumn lambing”.  “Ile de France could be selected for extremely good lamb survival, resistance to worms and meat yield. Their compact shape suggests that they will be relatively hardy...so far they appear that way”.

Mark Johnson, Harden, NSW first purchased 2 Ile de France ram lambs in March 2008 and immediately ordered 2 more rams while weaning their lambs.  “The Ile de France rams have thrived and gained weight on only very basic pasture and have left lambs with fantastic carcasses.  My Ile de France x lambs are heavier than my other lambs at tailing.”  

Add meat to White Suffolks and Poll Dorsets

Ian Pfeiffer, noted White Suffolk breeder from Bordertown, South Australia has had phenomenal success crossing the Ile de France over his White Suffolk ewes, with both breeds being very compatible.  Ian commented “The Ile de France x White Suffolk lambs were very easy lambing, early maturing with excellent shape and performed very well on Lambplan. Some lambs weighed 39kg at 8 weeks of age”.  The Ile de France is exceptional in that it increases carcass lean meat yield without causing lambing difficulties.  Ile de France have good levels of intra muscular fat for excellent meat eating quality, they also have white wool and are non seasonal.

Ile de France improve skin value of lamb

“Ile de France x Coopworth lambs require shearing only once prior to slaughter and have a more valuable skin”. Jeff Cain, Strathdownie